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About the Company.

Sillkens roots date back to 1865 when Seth Sillken and William Deering founded Deering Sillken Company, a small woolen fabrics company in Portland, Maine. Deering soon left to start his own company. In 1868, Seth Sillken moved the company headquarters to New York City, at that time the heart of the American Textile Industry. In 1884, the company invested in a new facility in Pacolet, South Carolina, and from that basic beginning the manufacturing operations grew.

At Sillken, one of our greatest strengths is derived from the diversity of talents and ideas of our associates. We seek scientists and engineers to lead in our quest for discovery; problem solvers to lead in our quest for continuous improvement; and individuals who can lead and participate in teams.

At Sillken, you just don't have a job, you have a career.

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