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About the Company.

Creativity Software Ltd is an award winning business, specialising in Location Based Services (LBS). We have a suite of products that are world class in quality, which enable mobile network operators around the world to capitalise on the LBS market opportunity and government agencies to meet regulatory requirements.

These regulatory requirements cover emergency services (999/112) and law enforcement/intelligence agency activities. Our expertise in the marketplace since 2004 has seen us deliver solutions to a range of Mobile Network Operators and governments in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Location Based Services (LBS) opens up new markets for mobile network operators and service providers, content owners and developers, to provide the users of mobile devices with personalised services tailored to their current location.

The opportunities are endless. With a developing and innovative product suite, a growing client list, impressive order book and rapidly expanding team, this is an exciting time to join and make a genuine impact on the future success of the business.

Our Mission is: To serve location globally: To be the worlds preferred location based services platform vendor.

To achieve our mission, we have developed a set of goals:

To be recognised and respected by mobile network operators and intelligence agencies worldwide, as a specialist supplier of LBS infrastructure & applications

Winning customers recurring business through a combination of world-class end-to-end solutions, competitive prices, and most agile response to their needs

Our shared values, which guide our business activities, are:

Agility: We are fleet-of-foot - from the way that we develop new products, to the way that we enter new markets - because we are able to translate theory to action rapidly. We are a flexible company, able to grow, develop and adapt both in the long / medium term (strategically) and in the short term (at a moments notice).

Innovation: Ours is a business founded on intellectual property. We foster a creative environment in order to develop meaningful, highly relevant products and deliver them to the market via the most effective channels.
Openness & Honesty: Professionalism and high standards in both quality and integrity are embedded at the heart of individuals and the company. We are ethical and responsible in everything that we do - from the working practices we develop, to the way we treat our employees and in our dealings with all of our stakeholders. We are open-minded, endeavour to welcome constructive criticism and embrace all cultures. We welcome new ideas that enhance the probability of our success.
Accountability: The company is independent and our employees are encouraged to be independently minded. We are not encumbered by bureaucracy. We take responsibility for our own destiny & actions individually, as team members and as a company. This empowers us to produce products and deliver service of the highest quality, to our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers.

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