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24 San Remo Road
Aspley Guise
Milton Keynes
MK17 8JY
United Kingdom

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About the Company.

Terra Advisors enables our clients to expand to Europe with minimal investment in time, energy, and money. Some clients utilize our Executive Search services while others choose to work with one or more of our team of European Business Development Directors. Whether our clients choose the first or second option or a combination of the two depends on their European growth strategy.

We work with North American technology firms. We serve companies with proven sales potential in their home markets ready to enter the European marketplace. Additionally, our clients also include companies that wish to reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of their existing European business development operations.

We are in a unique position to fulfill our clients' needs given our ...
- European presence
- Network and relationships
- IT and Telecom industry expertise
- Business development passion and background
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