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Headquartered in the UK with offices in 14 countries, AIRCOM has more than 10 years experience across 135 countries for over half the worlds mobile operators, including more than four million man hours working on 3G networks alone.

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About the Company.

AIRCOM is an independent provider of network management tools and services. The company specialises in end-to-end network planning, sharing, outsourcing and OSS optimisation for IP and cellular networks.

They are the market leader in network engineering tools*, while their expert consulting division holds over three and a half million hours working on 3G networks alone. They offer objective yet pragmatic advice, training and support services to the world's largest operators.

As network technologies continue to evolve and the lines between mobile and IP networks converge, AIRCOM is at the forefront of developing new tools and business consulting techniques to ensure operators remain competitive, by maximising the performance of their networks.

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