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Senior Software Engineer, Infrastructure Orchestration

Wisconsin, United States

About the Team

Did you know that the HubSpot product is made up of over 13,000 individually deployable web services, workers, cron jobs, and one-off tasks? In fact, in the last 24 hours we've indexed 50 billion Elasticsearch documents, executed 70 billion SQL queries, processed 450 billion Kafka messages, and performed 8 trillion HBase row operations, all running inside a handful of large Apache Mesos and Kubernetes clusters.

All this is possible thanks to our Infrastructure Orchestration team, whose mission is to automate the provisioning, management, and scaling of our cloud infrastructure. Our end goal is to migrate all of HubSpot's workloads from standalone EC2 instances to our large multi-tenant Kubernetes clusters. These workloads run the gamut from simple web services to massive high-performance stateful databases.

As a member of this team, you can expect to:

  • Build the automation and guardrails to make it easy for engineers to use Kubernetes safely though custom admission controllers, OCI hooks, syncing secrets from external sources, automating certificate management, "safe" kubectl commands, CNI and CSI plugins, and custom metrics.
  • Help support HubSpot's transition from SaaS monitoring tools to an internally-hosted Prometheus/Cortex/Grafana stack.
  • Build the essential tooling that Kubernetes lacks out of the box, like long-term storage and querying of Kube resources ("Which pod had this IP address three weeks ago?")
  • If some or most of these describe you, we should talk:

  • You're an expert in Python or Go.
  • You have extensive experience with the core offerings of AWS or GCP (, EC2, EBS, and S3 for AWS).
  • You have experience with the Linux kernel and networking stack.
  • You've written custom eBPF programs to monitor or secure your infrastructure.
  • You have experience with writing Kubernetes operators and/or interacting with the Kubernetes APIs.
  • You've contributed to a CNCF project.
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