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Product Owner - Mobile

Hermitage, Tennessee, United States
Location: Nashville, TN

Do you enjoy managing the product development for mobile or web applications? DAS Mobile specializes and provides end-to-end project delivery, from initial ideation through final rollout, for mobile apps, tablets and wearables. Its services include: mobile strategy consultation, delivery advisory and enablement, external engagements, mobile app development, and mobile app support.

Job Role

The Product Owner needs a product-focused mindset and is responsible for defining Stories and prioritizing the Team Backlog to streamline the execution of program priorities while maintaining the conceptual and technical integrity of the Features or components for the team. Take a significant role in quality control and is the only team member empowered to accept stories as done. Has significant relationships and responsibilities outside the local team, including working with Product Management, who is responsible for the Program Backlog, to prepare for the Program Increment (PI) Planning meeting.

Job Responsibility
  • Preparation and Participation in PI Planning: Heavily involved in program backlog refinement and prep for PI planning and participates in the planning event itself. Responsible to update the team backlog and to review and contribute to the program Vision, Roadmap, and content presentations. During the PI Planning event, the PO is involved with story definition, providing the clarifications necessary to assist the team with their story estimates and sequencing. The PO also drafts the team's specific objectives for the upcoming Program Increment.
  • Maintaining the Team Backlog: Primary responsibility to work with System Architect/Engineering and other stakeholders for building, editing, and maintaining the team backlog that consists of user stories, defects and enablers. Responsible to ensure the backlog items are prioritized based on user value, time, and other team dependencies determined in the PI planning meeting and refined during the PI.
  • Iteration Planning: Responsible to review and reprioritize the backlog as part of the prep work for Iteration Planning, including coordination of dependencies with other POs or Teams. During the iteration planning meeting, the PO is the primary source for story detail and priorities and has the responsibility of accepting the final iteration plan.
  • Story Elaboration: Responsible to elaborate Program backlog items (Features, Enablers) into user stories for implementation. This may happen before the iteration, during iteration planning, or during the iteration. While any team member can write stories and acceptance criteria, the PO has the primary responsibility for maintaining the flow by having approximately two iterations' worth of stories ready in the team backlog always.
  • SupportingAcceptance Test-Driven Development: Participate in the development of story acceptance criteria, draft them when feasible, and provide examples in support of ATDD specification by example.
  • Accepting Stories: Responsible accept stories as done, including validation that the story meets acceptance criteria and has the appropriate, persistent acceptance tests, and that it otherwise complies its Definition of Done (DoD). Assures that quality standards are met, focusing primarily on fitness for use.
  • Work with System Architect/Engineering to Understand Enabler Work: Responsible to understand the scope of the upcoming enabler work and to work with System and Solution Architect/Engineering establish a capacity allocation for technical work, and to assist with decision-making and sequencing of the technological infrastructures that will host the new business functionality.
  • Participate in Demos and Retrospective Meetings: Responsible to review and accept stories based on the Team iteration demo. Participate in the collection and assessment of Metrics, including evaluation of business value achieved versus plan, and actively participate in the inspect and adapt workshop.

Must Have Skills
  • Mobile application experience
  • Ability to work with solutions, technologies, and development teams.
  • Supports team Backlog management/grooming/defining acceptance
  • Gathers product requirements from product manager, business teams and assure that the team is doing "the right thing"
  • Review, classify, and prioritize all behaviors reported/logged as a result of testing activities with PO
  • Participate in producing the System Demo for program stakeholders.
  • Works with the UX designers to deliver user-friendly product solutions.
  • Exercises considerable latitude in determining objectives and approaches to critical assignments with the broadest of direction from team leadership.
  • Works closely with the Product Manager and Application Architect, and have a collective/team accountability for success and quality of the solution

Required Licenses, Certifications, and Other Requirements:
  • SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager (POPM) or other Scaled Agile certifications a plus.

Education & Experience:
  • BS in Computer Science/Engineering/Information Systems or related field (or equivalent years of professional experience)
  • Minimum of 4+ years of directly related experience including subject matter expertise in mobile applications
- provided by Dice

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