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Telco Cloud Assurance Consultant

MBR Partners Limited
MBR Partners Limited
Consultant- Telco-Cloud Assurance

Main Purpose of Job

The primary purpose is to engage and consult CSPs on telco-c loud assurance, how NFV/SDN affects current assurance systems, and how CSPs can identify and formulate a plan to transform existing ass urance architectures into the future-ready hybrid assurance systems.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities
1.1 Deliver Studies and Recommendations on how CSPs achieve Assurance Transformation
The Telco-Cloud Consultant leads consultative efforts at CSPs to establish and recommend pathways towards an assurance set-up that supports their digital transformation initiatives and telco-c loud rollout plans.

The consultant executes a study to arrive at the target assurance architecture and set-up, which would typically encompass an audit to establish the current environment and determine appropriate incremental steps towards the target vision. The studies wouId include business requirements, commercials, and other considerations that underpin the findings.

These consultative efforts are delivered to CSPs that are already the company's customers, but also at CSPs that are using competing assurance software products and are in need to establish how t heir assurance systems have to change with NFV/SDN and telco-cloud.

1.2 Create new study approaches and methods
The Telco-Cloud Consultant helps create and improve new ways in engaging and conducting studies at CSPs. This can
include improved audit programs, stakeholder interview techniques, engagement practices at C-Level, new templates, etc.

The internal structure and variables that are taken into account for such studies are equally subject to continued review and improvement, CAPEX/OPEX saving potential identification or estimation models evolve, and technological trends and advances need to be factored in regularly.

1.3 Support Product and Solution Sales
Telco-cloud Consultants may at times be involved in Product and Solutions Sales and provide expert support to prospects, customers, and Sales Reps alike.
• Delivery of telco-cloud and solutions sales, which is effectively a form of consultative sales that focusses on telco-cloud and value creation on top of platforms and products (or 3rd party) we already sell
• Author technical collateral, fact sheets, technical architecture descriptions, explanatory and illustrative slide deck material, white paper and so on
• Deliver product and solutions demonstrations to prospects and existing customers alike
• Clearly articulate the NFV/Telco Cloud Assurance value proposition
• Represent the company at public events such as MWC, TMF, and others

1.4 Commit to being an active member of the team and to ongoing technical, personnel and professional development
• keep up to date with technological and marker developments in the industry
• Act as a coach and mentor to other members of the team as appropriate
• Attend customer and industry events, team meetings, kick off meetings and functions as required
• Adhere to all company's processes and policies and maintain customer confidentiality
• Ensure company's brand and corporate values are evident to the customer at all times
• Understand and adhere to the company's vision and our values

Specific Knowledge Requirements and Expectations

Telco-cloud Assurance
– in depth technical knowledge and practical experience with telco-cloud technologies and assurance systems used for telco-cloud enabled networks is required
– Strong knowledge of TMF/ETSI/ONAP/OSM initiatives on Assurance, APIs, and MANO related standards and recommendations is fuindamental.
MANO Ecosystem
- Strong knowledge and working-experience with orchestration components, including the MANO stack, MANO integration points
- Strong knowledge with Apache Foundation projects for MANO and telco-cloud, as well as other software providers in the MANO ecosystem
- Strong knowledge of multi-vendor data source integration and data exchange/ mediation techniques and APIs(xDRs, Probes, logs, counters, etc), QoS, QoE, KPIs, Service models, Service Inventory and mediation platforms
- Experience in current PM/FM/SQM/CEM systems and market place
- Background and working experience in delivering consultative studies and consultative selling is required
Additional Skills
- Fluent in Engludh with a second European language
- Strong presentation and customer facing skills required

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Resource Conflicts
- Working with affected parties, ability to understand business priorities and activities to resolve conflicting demands for the same resources
- Ability to resolve project-related escalations from customers, partners, and company'spersonnel during solution lifecycle
- Ability to sell the company's pricing based on value offered

Working Conditions
*The role is office based, full time and require regular and extensive travel (up to 50%), including international long haul travel. Extensive time at customer sites may be required


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